The Overworld will have regions that will have a set number of buildings that will increase overtime. These buildings are called Bunkers and ownership of these Bunkers can be bought or sold in the Marketplace.

Bunkers can also be visited when exploring the Overworld. Every Bunker is unique and will have a set number of rooms.

Only one player can own a Bunker but can spare or rent a room to other players forming a sort of clan. The owner player can decorate the Main Hall and Boss's Quarters and shared players can customize their own rooms. The number of players that can be part of a Bunker is dependent on the Bunker itself ranging from 5 to 100 players. Bunkers can not be upgraded but they can be sold to purchase better Bunkers.

A Bunker is created by the Development team and only a limited number are available. Bunkers are not randomly generated, they are handcrafted and each unique Bunker is a permanent real estate in the game.

Types of Bunkers

  • Hideout - A Bunker for 5-10 Players

  • Clubhouse - A Bunker for 11-20 Players

  • Guild - A Bunker for 21-50 Players

  • Corporation - 51-70 Players

  • Enterprise 71-100 Players

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