Dooms are the player avatars, represented by NFT assets and owned by the game players.

Dooms are the primary income generators, allowing players to earn Doom Tokens ($DOOM) by winning games.

Each Doom is a unique and quirky pfp based out of [140] unique, hand drawn trait. They are beautiful, and a rare collectible, and are an in-game asset that affects the ability to play and win games.

Each Doom NFT has a unique DNA composed of its' Appearance', Equippable Abilities and Special Moves.

Appearance: Each Doom's appearance is derived from a pool of [100] traits ranging from common to rare, making each Doom's appearance truly unique. Generation Zero of the Dooms will be limited to 9999 out of nearly [4 Billion] possible permutations, illustrating the rarity of each NFT.

The more rare a Doom NFT is, the higher its “Alpha Factor”, which increases the Doom's ability to come with rare Grimcores which can be sold in the marketplace separately.

Your Dooms can

  • Have randomised stats at the start of the purchase of a Doom that can level up and grow even stronger.

  • Equip unique weapons to give them an advantage in battle.

  • Equip abilities called Grimcores to give them utility when playing and solving obstacles.

  • Double Jump

  • Crouch

  • Interact with other players, NPCs and Quests themselves with a unique “Reply” mechanic that gives a voice to the silent protagonist like never before and gives your Doom the personality it needs to come on its own. Different types of “Personalities” can be unlocked and sold on the Marketplace.

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