Aside from jumping, Dooms will have unique abilities called Grimcores that will give them an edge when it comes to exploration, movement and other situations.

Everytime a Grimcore is generated, it inherits a set group of effects and has randomised values for things like how much damage it does or how strong the buff to your Doom is.

Grimcores can be traded on the Marketplace. Rarer Grimcores will yield more value.

So far Dooms can equip upto 2 Grimcores at a time.

Types of Grimcores

  • Buffs - Temporary increase in stats.

  • Utilities - Grappling hooks, creating health pots and filling meters, etc.

  • Movement - Triple Jump, Rolls, etc

  • Crowd Control - Debuffs and movement limiters for enemies

  • Nukes - Damage dealing Grimcores.

One Grimcore is always generated alongside a Doom. Grimcores can be sold on the Marketplace and can be crafted with Shards and Artifacts. Limited Edition Grimcores can also be purchased on the Marketplace.

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