Personalities are the core collectibles needed to use the "Reply" mechanic. Whenever a Story event occurs, the Doom gets an option to reply out of four options which depends on the Doom's equipped Personality. Each option will result in different interactions

Personalities will come in various different types and will have randomized responses to Story events. One Personality is always generated alongside a Doom. Personalities can be sold on the Marketplace and can be crafted with Shards and Artifacts. Limited Edition Personalities can also be purchased on the Marketplace.

Personalities are not randomised, they are already set by the developers of the game. So unique Personalities are not a possibility just yet.

Types of Personalities

  • The Dork

  • The Paragon

  • The Angry

  • The Cool

  • The Silent Protagonist

  • The Silly

  • The Rogue

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