Weapons are objects that your Doom will use to deal damage to enemies and other objects in the game.

Certain weapons will have different effects that will change the playing experience. Not all weapons are equal and ones that are highly sought after will always have a home in the Marketplace.

Dooms can equip up to 2 weapons in their loadout when they go on an Adventure or Quest.

Types of Weapons:

These are the types of weapons that are currently planned for the Days of Doom

  • Sabers

  • Blasters

  • Hooks

  • Bows

  • Gauntlets

One Weapon is always generated alongside a Doom. Weapons can be sold on the Marketplace and can be crafted with Shards and Artifacts. Every weapon will have randomized damage points, stats effects and skins. Limited edition Weapons will be released in limited offers in the Marketplace.

Stats of each weapon generated differs in attack speed, damage and effects.

The Weapons


Sabers are your traditional melee weapon. Sabers are perfect for being agile while attacking head on against enemies and having the classic action platformer fun. Sabers have longer range than Gauntlets and can be better for dodging enemies. Sabers can deal a series of strikes leading to combos that have a special effect at the end, depending on the weapon.


Blasters are your gun-type ranged weapons. These guys are perfect for attacking from a distance and kiting enemies. Hitting enemies with Blasters six consecutive times without missing lets the blaster shoot it's next attack twice or other effects depending on the weapon.


Hooks are a unique ranged weapon that latches onto a target. Once a target is latched on, the Hook can be used again to hit the target at other enemies and other unique interactions. Hooks can also be used to cross terrain faster and in more unique ways.


Bows are ranged weapons that do more damage but doesn't fire as often as Blasters. The attack charge of a Bow can be held for even more damage. Making this a good weapon for taking down strong opponents but less effective against hordes of enemies.


Gauntlets are melee weapons that pack a literal punch. With higher attack speed than Sabers, Gauntlets can deal high damage really quickly. However, it's short range makes the Doom more prone to getting hit. Gauntlets that finish combos deal an extra burst or damage and other unique effects.

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