NFT Drop

We’ll conduct a pre-sale of some of the game’s assets to fund the development and allow early access to the players.


The sale will include a limited quantity of Dooms at a fixed price of 0.04 ETH. The rarity of the Dooms that each buyer receives will be set randomly and the Dooms will be revealed immediately once all 9,999 items are sold.

Each mint generates a unique Doom from over 140 hand-drawn unique traits. The Doom NFTs are beautifully crafted, and will double as playable characters in the Days of Doom play-to-earn game. There will only ever be 9,999 Doom NFTs that are directly sold via minting. All further Dooms (except exclusive drops) can only be minted by playing the game and earning $DOOM token.

As a reward for being the earliest supporters of the project - all initial minters will also receive an airdrop of 2,500 $DOOM (2.5% of all $DOOM in circulation for 9,999 mints) for each character minted. The airdrop is only applicable for initial minters who have minted the held their collectibles until reveal.

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