The Days of Doom is a new team compromised of industry-leading talent in Game Design, Blockchain and Creative Art. Our team is accustomed to developing and growing in emerging countries and with emerging technologies.

Hussain Elius

Hussain Elius, Founder of Pathao. Pathao is a super-app platform built and operating in South Asia. The 14+ different services in Pathao include ride-sharing, logistics, e-commerce, food delivery, payments, BNPL, and more.

Started the company from a garage with 3 friends and scaled it to 500+ people. Between 2016 and 2021, the company attracted over $45m+ funding from international institutional VCs and corporates. As of 2021, the company has been hitting all time highs in all its financial and operating metrics, reaching over 8mil+ users, 300,000+ drivers and over 30,000+ merchants and 10,000+ restaurants.

He has recently left the company to focus on his passion of Metaverse, Gaming and web3. He brings in a unique set of experience of executing to high standards with limited resources, finding product-market fit and building up a network. In Days of Doom, he is responsible for taking the product from concept to launch.

Press: Forbes 30 Under 30 Recipient / Nasdaq / Prothom Alo / TechInAsia / TechCrunch

Social: LinkedIn / Twitter

A dramatized movie is set to be released about the creation of Pathao and air in Cannes' Marché du Film.

Salzar Rahman

Salzar Rahman leads Studio Bangi, a South Asia based media agency. He is an architect, a designer, an author, an illustrator, a musician and lyricist. Some of his work:

Rest of the Team

  • Tasnim as Project Manager

  • Sadad on Website

  • Wasi on Game Design

  • Supti on Illustration

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