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The Official Days of Doom Whitepaper

The Days of Doom is a metroidvania with open-world RPG elements set in a post-apocalyptic universe, that sits at the intersection of Roblox, Hollow Knight and Terraria.. Players unlock characters called Dooms to go on adventures in search of glory and loot.

The Dooms are humanoid creatures that live deep inside the Earth’s Core. They are incredibly dense (as in density, not stupid; although some invariably are!). Their primary job is to keep the Earth’s core spinning and as such, they are our secret saviours. However, the newest generation of Dooms are born slightly lighter and thus have a tendency to float upwards. They have a new dream that digs away from the core and is headed for the surface to see the Sun (which is rumoured and even better than the core!).

The Game

The Days of Doom treasures the concept of asset portability. Players of the game own the game’s assets, in the form of NFTs and own the in-game currency in the form of tokens ($DOOM & $ARTIFACT). The game offers multiple play-to-earn systems, giving players flexibility and excitement in how they play.

The Days of Doom is being developed by a team of experts in multiple disciplines - from creative to execution. The team has experience in creating media and services that has been critically acclaimed and commercial success.

Our vision is to make the players feel like they have an impact on the overall narrative of the Days of Doom. From adventuring and finishing quests and building relationships with the good and bad with the Nemesis System for a unique social narrative experience. From launch day, we are gearing towards offering players multiple ways to participate in the game economy and narrative, whether actively or passively. Thus we are building a gaming world for diverse players with different motives and with the aspiration to allow the community to adopt various gameplay roles and freely run a decentralized player-owned economy and create stories that will change based on the player’s actions.

The Mint

The initial sales of dooms will consist of 9,999 original Dooms that will be part of the First Generation of Dooms that explore out into the surface. Each Doom is hand-drawn and uniquely generated from over 140 traits, and make for a pfp collectible. These Dooms will be available before launch and will help further development of the game. Further Dooms can be generated afterwards using the in-game $DOOM currency, that can be earned as the Dooms continue their journey to the earth's core.

All minters will also receive an airdrop of $DOOM tokens for being the earliest supporters of the project.

Are you up for the challenge?

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