The Days of Doom is a metroidvania with open-world RPG elements set in a post-apocalyptic universe. Players unlock characters called Dooms to go on adventures in search of glory and loot.

The Days of Doom takes inspiration from many games including Hollow Knight, Terraria, Super Metroid and many more to create a comprehensive NFT video game that is immersive and fun to play.

You explore this universe with Dooms.

The Dooms:

A Doom is the virtual avatar and playable character for players. Use your Dooms to explore the world and interact with the many things in the Days of Doom universe.

Core Gameplay Elements

There are Five core gameplay elements in Days of Doom

  • Open World

  • Adventures and Quests

  • Marketplaces & Clubhouses

  • Nemesis System

  • Level Creator

Open World

Players can roam freely in 2D space to go from one quest to the other and interact with other players in cities, clubhouses and marketplaces. Adventures and Quests occur within certain zones in the overworld. The overworld is separated into regions that players will access as they progress in the game.

Adventures and Quests

Classic 2D platformer levels with an expansive story and modern level design to challenge gamers and story content that will immerse story lovers in the world of The Days of Doom. This is where players can expect to find loot that will allow them to create Dooms, weapons and other things to be used or sold in the marketplace. Adventures will take you on the main story of the Days of Doom and Quests are side missions and also player created levels that will give players the chance to score extra epic loot.

Marketplaces & Bunkers

Dooms, items and other collectibles can be traded in the marketplace with social options built into the game that makes it really feel like you’re haggling in a post-apocalyptic bazaar. Special areas in the Overworld can be claimed as Bunkers (Clubhouses) where players can create clans and decorate their own base of operations in The Days of Doom.

Nemesis System

Create feuds and build alliances with other players in the name of Glory or Mischief with the Nemesis System. In 1v1 or 5v5 squads, go on special quests over a set period of time to come out victorious with loot, Fame and bragging rights.

Quest Creator

Bring up the accessibility of Days of Doom ecosystem. Inspired by Roblox, we are going to encourage independent game developers to take our game assets and tokens and make Quests out of them. Quests will be audited for quality and content, and then integrated into the DoD app. The Quest developers will enjoy a substantial cut of the revenue that is generated when playing the game.

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